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Use this form to submit an update to the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Web Directory.

If you want to add an item to the directory, then your request will be vetted by the committee.

In general, new items should meet the following criteria:

1) New items should have a discrete brand. For example, the Haas Lester Center's LAUNCH and GSVC programs are listed separately in the directory because they have brands that are distinct from (though related to) the Lester Center. Likewise, CET's Venture Lab is listed separately.

2) New items should have a tangible, ongoing impact on the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Therfore, one-time events aren't listed, and venture capital firms that periodically visit the campus aren't listed.

3) New items should have a dedicated web site or at least a single web page, so that the directory can link to it (for more information).

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